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As Built Construction Surveys / Clash Detection / Prefabrication
(3D Laser Scanning Services)

OSU Plan Shaded Burnt Orange Pipes
3D Model with Point Cloud Overlay in Navisworks for clash detection

3D laser scanning can be useful in adapting old structures
(as-built construction) for new purposes. Through the use of LIDAR technology, TruePoint captures point cloud data and uses software to analyze it. Point cloud data services can be especially useful in clash detection.

The 3D laser scanner identifies point clouds of existing pipes, motors, boilers, or other equipment, and TruePoint’s software analyzes the point clouds to define where new devices can be constructed without obstruction.

According to The American Institute of Architects (AIA), change orders account for 3 to 5% of total construction costs.  These costs are often equally distributed between the following:

1) Errors and omissions
2) Field conditions
3) Owner requests

For a $10,000,000 project, that could equate to $500,000 in additional costs, not to mention schedule delays and general frustration among the project's team members.

However, laser scanning can help minimize all three  categories of change orders.  Laser scanning gives the design team more information up-front, which allows design decisions to happen sooner and makes for a more complete set of bidding drawings.  This, in turn, allows contractors to have confidence in their bids, to fully utilize BIM for virtual construction, and to prefabricate more of their products—all of which, in the end, allow contractors to meet critical path schedule dates, as well as limit both re-orders of materials and delays due to unforeseen field conditions.

In addition: 

1) Owners can reduce their costs and tighten their schedules.  Furthermore, owners will then have better control over all categories of change orders, allowing for more prudent negotiations and discussions regarding the captured information.

2) Architects and engineers can make critical design decisions sooner and with more complete and accurate information.  Additionally, they can creatively utilize the point cloud data directly for construction documents, minimizing their drawing or modeling hours. This, in turn, results in a reduction of both RFI’s and change orders related to field conditions, as well as a reduction in errors and omissions.

3) Contractors can streamline their construction process and prefabricate more materials off-site.  This can result in reduced labor costs, fewer schedule delays, and the satisfaction of delivering a project on time and under budget.

Applicable Case Studies
- Construction Field Verification of an Aquarium
- 3D Laser Construction Surveying for Future Renovations

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As Built Construction Case Studies  

Former Meat Packaging Plant

To scan the entire interior of an abandoned warehouse, capturing architectural and structural elements for as-built documentation.

Read the complete case study > 

Construction Surveying
of a Medical Facility's Facade

To capture the edge of slab of multi-story hospital structure as it was being built to verify it was built to specifications and identify any discrepancies prior to fabrication of building envelope system.

Read the complete case study >  

Intensity Map Point Cloud of Facade

Laser Survey of Pipe for Clash Detection
Laser Survey of Pipe for Clash Detection
OSU Plan Shaded Burnt Orange Pipes
Laser Survey of Pipe for Clash Detection
Detroit, Michigan
OSU Plan Shaded Burnt Orange Pipes
Mechanical Room Pipe Plan
Laser Survey of Pipe Rack for Clash Detection
Close up of 3D model of steel structure created to document as-built conditions and for clash detection
Laser scan of a mechanical room for as-documented verification and clash detection
Laser Scan of Mechanical Room for As-Documented
Verification & Clash Detection
3D model of a steel structure for clash detection
Close up of 3D model of steel structure created to document as-built conditions and for clash detection
Clash and Interference Detection of Elevator Shaft
Clash and Interference Detection of Elevator Shaft
Area Scanned for Prefabrication
of Wall Finish System
Columbus, Ohio
Colorized Point Cloud of Interior Feature Wall and
Drywall Bulkhead Scanned for Prefabrication
Columbus, Ohio
3D Model Used for Prefabricating Metal Panel System
Columbus, Ohio

Finished Prefabricated Stainless Steel Cladding
Columbus, Ohio

Sample of what a TruView is
and what it can be used for

Fly thru of Point Cloud with Steel Structure Overlay
3D orthographic photogrammetry TruView
3D Orthographic Photogrammetry TruView
3D CAD model of building exterior 2D as-built floor plan
3D CAD Model of Building Exterior 2D As-Built Floor Plan

Point cloud with model overlay for verifications and clash detections
Point Cloud with Model Overlay for Verification & Clash Detection




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