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Architecture / Historical Preservation

Laser Scanning For Historical Preservation
Laser Scanning For Historical Preservation
Laser Scan of Church Facade
Laser Scan of Church Facade

3D laser scanning is indispensable for pre-existing architecture or historical preservation. Because the data collected from the scans can provide information on support analysis, design, and prefabrication, 3D laser scanning is ideal for civil engineers, architects, CAD professionals, and contractors. Scanning can be used for a variety of applications. Its accuracy minimizes construction rework, adding to laser scanning’s cost-efficiency.

3-D Laser Scanning can be used for a variety of historical building engineering applications, from existing as-built drawings, to reverse engineering of historical architecture and much more.

Our High-Definition laser surveying equipment not only offers additional benefits to the measurement professional, but also to the recipients and users of accurate spatial data sets.  Civil engineers,
plant designers, CAD professionals, architects, contractors, and owners / operators can all reap the cost and added-value benefits
that our surveying equipment provides.

  • Elimination of costly ‘return visits’ to the site.
  • More accurate, complete 'as-built' surveys for retrofit
    design projects translate into better retrofit designs.
  • Minimized construction rework due to interferences
    and the ability to reduce field fabrication work.
  • Reduced facility downtime due to fast, unobtrusive scene capture and minimal field assembly.

One of the many benefits of scanning as opposed to traditional surveying methods is that any change in scope by the client will not require another trip out to the site. All data for the site is already contained within the scan, saving time and money.

Architecture / Historical Preservation Case Studies

Historical Amusement Park Building

Scan the interior of a building of historical significance constructed in the late 1800s and modified in the mid 1900s with an added second story. Support Columns and Beams on the first floor were the focus of the scan in order to analyze the building’s structural integrity and bring it up to current required building and loading codes.

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Amusement Park Building laser scanning

Historical building façade documented and modeled for historical preservation

To scan, measure, and document the architectural façade elements of the Wayne County Courthouse, located in downtown Wooster, before it underwent historical preservation.

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architectural façade elements laser scan

3D As-Built Modeling: Using High Definition Scanning (HDS) to produce Revit Model

To complete a 3D survey of a historic Oklahoma City landmark in conjunction with OKC’s urbanization efforts.

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3D As-Built model with laser

Historical Preservation on a High Rise: 3D surveying of an 1883 Chicago Classic

To laser scan a late 19th century historical high rise in Chicago's Central Loop.

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3D surveying with lasers

Survey of Historical Building to Document it
Prior to Demolition

To scan the exterior façade of a historical building to document it prior to demolition.

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Laser 3D scanning service



Sample TruView - 3D photo overlaid on top of point cloud
2D Elevation with Point Cloud Overlaid
2D Elevation with Point Cloud Overlaid
(click image to enlarge)
laser scanning service ohio
3D BIM Model of exterior facade
of building - Toledo, Ohio
Toledo, Ohio laser scanning
Scan of Exterior Facade to Document As-built Conditions of Architectural Detail- Toledo, Ohio
Building Facade Screenshot
Building Facade Screenshot

Front Elevation of Building Facade
- Green Springs, Ohio
Wynn Reeth Traced Wall Section
Cross Section of Building Facade
- Green Springs, Ohio
Wynn Reeth Overlay Elevation
Elevation with Point Cloud Overlay
- Green Springs, Ohio
New York Hall
Architectural Features of Hotel Hallway
- New York, NY.
New York Charabs on wall
High definition laser scanning of architectural detail of cherubs, crown molding and wall of
New York city hotel
New York Ceiling
Architectural Detail of Ceiling in Hotel - New York, NY.
New York Fireplace and Hearth
Colorized Point Cloud sample of hotel fireplace & Hearth - New York, NY.
Recently In the Newspaper:
Putting the pieces together for restoring Wayne County Courthouse
Gaining a better understanding of damage at courthouse

By Bobby Warren

Wayne County laser scanningWooster – When President George W. Bush was running for reelection, his campaign bus traveled through downtown Wooster, passing thousands of people gathered at the public square and Wayne County Courthouse.

Along the rooftops were Secret Service and law enforcement agents with long rifles, standing up for the preservation of the leader of the free world.

Well there, have been a couple of men on the rooftops in the downtown area setting up targets below, and while they are working on preservation, it is not of a political figure, rather a government structure. They were not shooting guns, rather shooting digital photographs of the building’s exterior.

Ryan Hacker, president of TruePoint Laser Scanning, and Jonathan Rohrs, a scan technician, have been setting up targets around the courthouse along Liberty and Market streets. These targets give the laser scanning device a point of reference as to where the photographs are being taken.
The Device first emits a laser beam, which detects everything around it. Hacker said the scanner captures about 1 million measurements per second.

The Wayne County commissioners hired the company to create a three-dimensional model and digital image of the courthouse exterior. These are no existing plans for the outside of the building and county Administrator Patrick Herron said TruePoint will be able to provide as-built drawings.
The county is having the model and imaging done in order to provide the architect with a better understanding of the damage to the outside of the courthouse.

The laser is very accurate rate, Hacker said. It is within 2-4 millimeters. Because of this, contractors who are bidding on the project will have more of an idea of what needs to be fixed. They will all work off the same information instead of having to do site visits and try to determine for themselves the extent of the problems.

“(the county) should get much tighter bids and less change orders,” Hacker said.
Rohrs said he is trying to capture all of the ornamentation on the courthouse. With each pass of the laser measurements and photographs he and Hacker are gathering pieces of a digital puzzle that will be stitched together back at the offices in Toledo.

The process is similar to capturing geospatial information from satellites. There is data related to where each point of the building exists on an X-, Y- and Z-axis. The photographs are then layered on top of the laser measurements, Hacker said the technology he uses is still on the early edge, but it is slowly becoming, more mainstream. “Not everyone has heard of it,” he said. It seems to be more prevalent on the East and West coasts and in the South.

TruePoint’s laser scanners have been used at crash scenes, on building facades and building interiors. Generally, they are used more on major renovation projects, however, Hacker said some of his clients have contracted with the company to make sure what is being built is within the tolerances of the project.

Hacker and Rohrs were expected to be finished Wednesday.





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