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Oil & Gas Applications

TruePoint Laser Scanning is experienced in providing 3D laser scanning services in oil and gas applications to produce reliable, high quality data that can be used across your organization. We have experience scanning refineries, process areas and distribution facilities all over the United States. We can high definition laser scan the interior and exterior of buildings; structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing features; equipment and piping down to ½ inch diameter; and any other site topography and features.

Our Experience
Our laser scanning experience in oil and gas applications include:

  • Refineries
  • Terminals
  • Super Structures
  • LPG Facilities
  • Natural Gas Compression Stations
  • Vapor Recovery Units (VRUs)
  • Small and Large Format Piping
  • Valves
  • Tanks
  • Loading Racks
  • Ethanol Pump Stations and Offload Areas
  • Natural Gas Separator Units
  • Metering Skids
  • Freighter Piers
  • Tower, Platforms and Bridges
  • Pipeline Manifold Shelters
  • Dock Connection Piping
  • Secondary Containment Areas

Benefits of Laser Scanning
Laser Scanning is SAF – Safe, Accurate and Fast. 3D laser scanning allows TruePoint to provide clients with precise data in a short amount of time. Our scan technicians accurately and efficiently capture data in locations where accessibility is difficult and areas are unsafe. The smallest details can be captured in highly congested areas. The inside of tanks and containment dykes can be laser scanned for volume calculations and deformation analysis. Laser scanning provides more information than tank strapping. TruePoint can provide reliable, accurate as-built information for facility upgrades and expansions. 3D laser scanning can aid in design, construction sequencing and scheduling, clash detection or pre-fabrication, plus reduce site revisits due to missed measurements, schedule delays and change orders. All of TruePoint’s scan technicians have a minimum of OSHA-10 training to ensure they understand safe practices while on-site and how to minimize potential dangers associated with these types of facilities.

Deliverables and Services
BIM/CAD deliverables can be provided in a variety of formats including AutoCAD Plant 3D, Navisworks, Bentley MicroStation, Revit, AutoCAD MEP, or simple AutoCAD solids.

Point cloud deliverables can include file formats such as:

  • Leica (.pts, .ptx, .ptg)
  • Autodesk Recap (.rcs and/or .rcp)
  • Bentley (.pod)

Additional services include 2D site plans and 3D BIM models in additional Autodesk products such as AutoCAD Civil 3D. Leica TruViews and full color photographs complement the deliverables and further expand on details from laser scan data in a standard Microsoft Windows environment.

Data can be used to create accurate as-builts of the facility, aid in the generation of isometric drawings and for clash detection and pre-fabrication purposes.

Our engineers can work closely with clients to develop project phasing and sequencing, custom equipment tagging, pipe scheduling and sorting phasing in Revit. They can assign properties of pipes including pipe material specifications and conduct volume calculations and deformation analysis. We can use ClearEdge 3D Edgewise software to process piping and build custom libraries specific to client needs. Custom Revit families can also be generated to build a library of custom content.

Contact TruePoint Laser Scanning
Laser scanning is a great facility documentation and management tool with benefits that can be realized many times throughout the life of a facility. Our scan technicians, engineers and CAD designers work together to help you control costs and complete projects on time and within budget. We have an excellent safety record, and have never had a loss work day due to injury. Contact TruePoint Laser Scanning today at 419-843-SCAN (7226) or email us at for more information about laser scanning services for oil and gas applications.

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Oil & Gas Case Studies (view all case studies)

Laser Scan to Capture Flange Information for Prefabrication

Laser scan a total of 100 Natural Gas Separator Units and Metering Skids to capture detailed flange information, including bolt hole orientation, elevation information and pitch of flanges. TruePoint generated 3D models of each skid’s flange for the client to verify the flange versus pipe orientation. The client used this information in pre-fabrication efforts to decrease their time making field changes during installation.

Cleveland, Ohio

Read the complete case study > 

Laser Scan to Capture Flange Information for Prefabrication

Laser Scanning a Vapor Recovery Unit for Facility Upgrades

To use Lidar technology to laser scan a Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU), capturing piping, tanks and other mechanical, electrical and plumbing features. The client requested a 3D model of the VRU.

Near Grand Rapids, Michigan

Read the complete case study > 

Laser Scanning a Vapor Recovery Unit

3D Laser Scanning Active Natural Gas Compression Station

To laser scan an active natural gas compression station to provide the client with as-builts of the facility as well as clash detection for future renovation and expansion.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Read the complete case study > 

3D Laser Scanning Active Natural Gas Compression Station

Vapor Recovery Unit

To create as-builts of a fuel terminal Vapor Recovery Unit, or VRU.  TruePoint was called in to capture tanks, piping, and other MEP features, as well as secondary containment areas. The client was going to use the data for clash detection and pre-fabrication purposes.  

Selma, North Carolina

Read the complete case study > 

laser scanning past project

As-is Verification for Oil Vessels Prior to Installation

To verify welding and wide flange alignments on two (2) separate oil vessels prior to being transported and installed.

Joplin, Missouri

Read the complete case study > 

oil vessel laser scan

3D Laser Scanning of a Michigan Refinery using a Non-Contact Measuring Tool

To scan part of a complex process piping and support
structure system for a refinery in order to create a base model. The model will be used to plan and design an upgrade to
the existing system.

Detroit, Michigan

Read the complete case study >

Refinery laser scan

Petroleum Refinery Facility


To scan an active terminal and load rack and provide the client with a colorized point cloud. The scanning of the facility was requested by the client in order to provide them with as-builts as well as clash detection for future renovation and expansion.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Read the complete case study > 

Petroleum Refinery Facility laser scan


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