Truepoint Laser Scanning

Example Projects for 3D Laser Scanning Services

  • Colorized Point of Steel Cooking Plant
  • Petroleum Refinery – Close-up of Piping in Point Cloud
  • Colorized Point of VRU
  • Colorized Point Cloud with Highly Accurate Dimensions of Manufacturing Equipment
  • Pipe Modeling with Point Cloud: Left – Revit Model Right – Colorized Point Cloud
  • High Definition Scanning (HDS) in Downtown Chicago
  • 3D Colorized Point Cloud of Utility Piping
  • 3D Laser Scanning Chicago Renovation Project
  • HDS Capturing Mechanical, Electrical, and Structural Systems
  • Petroleum Refinery – Plan View of Colorized Point Cloud
  • High Definition Scanning (HDS) Buildings in Downtown Chicago
  • Laser Scanning Captures Large Format Piping
  • Clash Detection – Retrofitting New Piping Existing Industrial Plant
  • 3D Survey for Façade and Masonry Restoration
  • 3D Facility Viewer with TruView for Project Coordination
  • Laser Scanned Steel Cooking Platform 3D Field Documentation
  • 3D As-Built Modeling – Revit Model Derived from Point Cloud Data
  • 3D Revit Model of Petroleum Equipment
  • Close-up of BIM Model – Clash Detecting New Piping with Old
  • 3D BIM Model of VRU Generated from 3D Point Cloud
  • 3D Point Cloud Provides Accurate Documentation for Facility Management
  • 3D BIM As-Built Model for Industrial Plant
  • 3D Revit Model of Petroleum Equipment
  • 3D BIM Modeling for As-Build Verification
  • Precise Measurements and Dimensions of Piping to Produce 3D As-Builts
  • 3D BIM Modeling Generated from Point Cloud Data
  • Clash Detection with 3D Models Produced with Point Cloud Data
  • Clash Detecting 3D Design Model and Existing Conditions with Point Cloud
  • Capturing Existing Utilities via Laser Scanning – Produce
  • Colorized Point Cloud of a Refinery
  • Precise Measurements and Dimensions of Piping to Produce 3D As-Builts
  • Petro Tank Farm – Close-up of Colorized Point Cloud
  • 3D Revit Model of a Steel Cooking Plant
  • VRU at Petroleum Tank Farm – Dimensionally Accurate Point Cloud
  • Create 3D As-Build Models with Point Cloud for System Clash Detection


3D Laser Scanning for
Deformation & Movement Monitoring

Measuring Building Survey of
Chicago, Illinois Hotel Lobby
Scan of a Power Plant
in Southern Indiana
Measured Industrial Survey - Refinery
(Location: Ohio)


3D Laser Scanning of Pumping Station
(Location: Fostoria, Ohio)


3D Mapping of Complex Pipe Network
(Location: Michigan)


HDS Laser Scan - Oil Industry Piping
(Location: Michigan)


3D Orthographic Photogrammetry
(Location: Wisconsin)


Measured Building Survey


3D Model of Elevation Scan
(Location: Wisconsin)


3D Documentation Scan & Photogrammetry
(Location: Wisconsin)


Laser Scanning For Historical Preservation
(Location: Ohio)
Laser Scan of Church Facade
(Location: Indiana)
BIM Model of Refinery
(Location: Illinois)
3D BIM Modeling of Energy Facility
(Location: Michigan)
Laser Survey of Pipe for Clash Detection
(Location: Toledo, Ohio)
High Definition Laser Scan of Waste Water Treatment Facility (Location: Kentucky)
High Definition Scanning
of College Campus
(Location: Indiana)
Colorized Point Cloud
of a McDonald's Sign
(Location: Ohio)
Progression from Point Cloud to Model:
1. Raw Point Cloud 3D Laser Mapping
(Location: Illinois)
2. Cleaned Point Cloud
3D Laser Scan Industrial Facility
(Location: Illinois)
3. 3D Laser Scan Modeled
(Location: Illinois)
Laser Scanning of Data Processing Facility
in Santa Clara, CA.
Laser Scan of Industrial Facility Rooftop





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*DISCLAIMER: 3D Laser scanning is a measurement tool to assist in capturing as-built conditions of existing spaces and should be used in conjunction with other sound industry practices for verifying these conditions, including but not limited to: site visits, manual field measurements and verifications of scan data, to ensure its accuracy prior to design and engineering. Because this data can be used for various applications and disciplines outside the scope of the original field scanning and beyond our control, we cannot guarantee that the data is accurate for these uses.
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